Red Bull will lose the most again

Author of the article: , published January 2, 2014.

Adrian Newey has admitted that his Red Bull team is likely to lose more than any other this season when the new rules take effect. The new rules prevent the use of exhaust gases, and this is an area because the Austrian team was particularly strong.

“Exhaust gases make it virtually impossible to get any benefit from the exhaust,” Newey explained. “Even the turbocharger takes up all the power, so they are useless in any case. Since we found a better exhaust pipe layout than our competitors last season, we will probably lose the most in the coming season. ”

According to Newey's estimates, the rules regarding the front wing will cause the most problems for the designers of this year's race cars. “The biggest problem this year will be the narrow front wings, which are 100 millimeters narrower than last year. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big change, as now the sides of the wing are located in the middle of the front wheels. I think that, as far as aerodynamics is concerned, one of the biggest challenges will be to regain that lost vacuum. ”

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