Famous calendar of races for DP in autocross

Author of the article: , published on February 20, 2014.

Some time ago we reported that autocross is finally returning to Slovenia. Now we also know the calendar of races that will be considered the Slovenian national championship, but these will be run on Croatian soil, together with the Croatian championship, because at the moment we do not have a suitable autocross track. The Slovenian Motorsport Association AŠ2005 warns that calendar additions are still possible, which leaves the door open for Slovenian organizers as well.

AŠ2005 collects registrations of associations and drivers until March 5, but despite the published calendar, the autocross season is still not fully guaranteed, because in case there is not enough interest by the application deadline, the championship will not be held (Lack of interest of racers was also the main the reason that the autocross championship has not been held in our country so far).

Race calendar:
4.5.2014 Hole SOE SLO, SOE HR
25.5.2014 Hole SOE SLO, SOE HR
* 8.6.2014 Hole DP SLO, DP HR
12.10.2014 Ozalj SOE SLO, SOE HR

* not yet confirmed

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