The mess in the Masso boxes cost sixth place

Author of the article: , published April 20, 2014

Felipe Massa started today's race well and then drove solidly and fought for higher places. The Brazilian would probably have won at least sixth place without any problems if the mechanics in the pits had not replaced the rear tires during his first stops. Namely, it happened that the tires were taken on the wrong side - left to right and right to the left side of the car.

Rob Smedley admitted the mistake, but did not describe in detail why it happened: “We tried to install the right tire on the left side and vice versa. We had to correct the mistake, which caused us to lose quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, for once, we don’t have some procedures in place to allow us to control this. We will talk to everyone on the team and try to make sure that something similar does not happen again in the future. It is my job to say what is good and what is not, so that we can work better in the future. "

Of course, Smedley does not intend to blame anyone but himself: “I am responsible for this and I will do my best to prevent anything like this from happening again in the future. I am not paid to blame anyone, but to solve problems for the future. ”Felipe's race was marked right at the start when he collided with Fernando Alonso, causing him to fall behind the Spaniard and ahead of Ricciardo of Red. Bullom. After the race, Massa commented on the accident as follows: “I started the race great, but in my opinion Alonso did not see me. After that, the car danced a bit more on the road, which is why we had to inspect it, and the commissioners did not see any problems in all this, which is why they did not take action. "

Photos: Williams

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