The winner of Vettel does not resent the whistles of Ferrari fans

Author of the article: , published September 8, 2013.


Sebastian Vettel was booed by Ferrari-friendly spectators on the podium after winning the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. But the German was not moved by this, he took the whistles as a sign that he had done his job at Monza very well.

“You can definitely hear the difference if you don’t win in a red jumpsuit here at Monza,” Vettel said. “Nevertheless, it’s very nice, because if they whistle at you, it means you did well and beat the guys in red. We are proud of that.

In 2008, I was surprised to win the Italian team with Ferrari engines, so the atmosphere was fantastic. In 2011 I was surprised by a different reception, but this year I was expecting it. As soon as I drove back towards the garages after the race I said that the more they whistled at us, the better we were. I don't blame them for anything. They love Ferraris. ”

Red Bull at Monza usually don't do well, so they were a bit pessimistic before the race. Even more cautious was technical director Adrian Newey. “He was as surprised as the rest of us. He was convinced that this weekend we would only try to limit the damage. I told him that if it looks like that, I want a lot of damage by the end of the season, ”added Vettel.

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