Zanardi rose from the dead again!

Author of the article: , published on December 22, 2020.

If Alex Zanardi he was not considered a fighter who is not stopped by anything when he is in an accident at a race in IndyCar lost both legs and then returned to the amazing two years later car racing, while breaking records in the toughest athletic competitions, he certainly earned that title now that he’s picked himself up again after a severe accident in June this year.

Italian media report that 54-year-old Zanardi, which is on his hand-driven tricycle knocked down the truck and severely injured his face and brain, after five operations his head now awakened from a coma and showing signs that he could hear, see, and be able to use his hands again. Doctors have confirmed reports in the Italian media that the former racer Formula 1 with his hands he answers questions and visits from his wife Daniele, but cannot speak yet because it is connected to respirator. The Italian even shook hands with the doctors who saved his life again, for which he had already thanked them with a raised thumb.

Alex Zanardi is a really great fighter, and in big letters, especially considering what he has experienced in his life. The latest good news after the June accident only confirms this.

Alex Zanardi is accidentally before 19 years, in which he lost both legs, performed on Paralympic Games, where he won numerous medals and even gold medaland doctors are confident it will iron man restored most brain functions.

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