Yamaha in new colors?

Author of the article: , published March 15, 2013.


Yamaha will shortly reveal the color combinations of motoGP class motorcycles Jorget Lorenzo and Yamaha returnee Valenint Rossi for the 2013 racing season. The revelation will be on March 22, the day before the third and final official test in Spain before the start of the season. Yamaha’s last big sponsor was Fiat in 2010, before Rossi signed a 2-year contract with Italian motorcycle brand Ducati.

Rossi's return to Yamaha, with which he has won as many as 4 titles in the past, brought a new sponsor, Monster. In pre-season testing, Rossi and Lorenzo rode gray-and-black motorcycles, although Rossi’s motorcycle had some details in its protective yellow and Lorenzo’s in red.

The standard blue-and-white motorcycle, combined with the yellow figure 46 at the front at Rossi and the red 99 at Lorenzo, seems most likely for this season as well. Yamaha, like the last team of the Royal Racing Class, will unveil a new motorcycle design for the 2013 season.



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For all those who are already looking forward to the start of the new season, let me say that this one will start on the evening of April 7, in Qatar.

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