Concerned Martin: Aprilia was also faster on the plane

Author of the article: , published March 6, 2022.

Jorge Martin will undergo a preventive check-up tomorrow in Barcelona due to a fall and pain in his arm. Almost more than a possible injury, after the start of the season, he is worried about his uncompetitiveness in the race to the fall.

“I didn't run the best from the starting point. Enea and I almost collided so I loosened the throttle slightly and lost quite a few places. From here, things just went downhill. ”

An additional problem for him was the fact that he did not manage to overtake Aleix Espargaro on Aprilia on the plane. He also lost a spot against Alex Rins.

The race was over for him when Francesco Bagnaia took him with him when he fell on the brakes in the first turn. While sliding in the sand, the Spaniard found himself in a sandwich of both motorcycles.

“For the first time, I was really scared for my life. I quickly slid towards the sand squeezed between two motorcycles. I even pushed Bagnain away with my hands. I feel pain in my thumb, so I have an examination in Barcelona tomorrow. I hope nothing is broken and I will be able to race in Indonesia. ”

More than the fall itself, Martina is worried about the lack of both final speed and rhythm.

"I am not happy. The fall is already happening, but I am more concerned about the fact that we were not competitive. Before the race, I was hoping to fight at least for the podium, maybe win. For an unknown reason, we didn't have the right rhythm. "

“Even on the plane, I couldn’t overtake either the Suzuki or the Aprilia. What is our biggest advantage now? You are not. We need to find solutions to our problems. Seventh or eighth place today was our maximum we could reach. ”

Martin's top speed in the race was 352,9 km / h. Among all, it was recorded by Joan Mir - 357,6 km / h. 

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