With courtesy against the dissatisfaction of our racers

Author of the article: , published July 1, 2014.

Vladimir Stankovič, one of the more experienced and renowned Slovenian racers, in his column on the web portal avto-magazin.si touched on the rather dictatorial decision of the Slovenian Motorsport Association AŠ2005 that all racers on overalls and race cars must wear the logos of Petrol, the new sponsor, with whose funds should make it somewhat easier to organize sports events in our homeland.

“Dear drivers and club representatives. We are pleased to inform you that the Slovenian Motor Sports Association has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the largest Slovenian oil company. The funds obtained from this will be used to organize sports events in Slovenia, and one of the contractual obligations is to promote a new partner at all racing vehicles (stickers) and on racing clothes (patches).

Sincerely, Your AŠ2005, etc., "Stankovič wrote.

“Just three sentences - the first is just a courtesy phrase - would be enough for AŠ 2005 to prevent the excitement, bullying, dissatisfaction and frustration of impoverished holders of racing and racing licenses with the basic culture of communication, many of whom cannot. or refuses to understand the roles and missions of its umbrella association.

It is perfectly clear that there is not and cannot be democracy in motorsport. The regulations and hierarchy are perfectly clear, the orders must be obeyed. Nevertheless, giving these, especially to enthusiastic amateur members of the association, who compete in their spare time and for their money, must be at least polite, if not tactful, or at least thoughtful.

Make no mistake, the partnership between AŠ 2005 and Petrol is great news, which is extremely important for Slovenian motorsport, and in this context I will be happy to be 'branded' by order. I do not understand, however, that the leading men of the federation do not see the plight of the racers, who feel left to their own devices and are without any hope that ‘our’ federation will help us - in any way! When feeling like this, the fly quickly turns into an elephant.

Anyway, this time I will say goodbye to the good news. In addition to 'online' results, which has been a constant for many years, the first mountain race in Slovenia this year, for the first time in the history of Slovenian racing (and much too late), served with a 'live stream'! You could watch the race on Gorjanci live on the Internet even through six cameras! Fantastic! ”

It's hard to add anything to his words!

(photo: Facebook - Pro Karting Slovenia)

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