Williams priority FW35

Author of the article: , published on June 3, 2013.

The boss, racing engineer at Williams Xevi Pujolar is convinced that Williams must continue to work hard on this year's race car and not focus too quickly on the new one for 2014. The team from Grove started the first part of this season very devastatingly. won not a single point of the World Cup (in 2011 they won only 5 points in the whole season, for once it looks even worse).

Either way, all teams are facing a shift in capacity to develop this year’s and new race cars for the upcoming season. Despite the major technical changes that will take effect in the coming season, Pujolar believes that if they understand this year's car better, it will help them with the new one for 2014: "Our main priority is to understand this year's car, because otherwise we will not know what we are working on a new one. So at the moment we are only working on the current race car, which we need to improve on the track. "

Despite all the optimistic forecasts, Xevi believes that they will have a very difficult and arduous job ahead of them: “We are working step by step. I hope that the times will come when these steps will become a little bigger, but it just can't go faster than step by step. I believe that we are doing well and developing in the right direction, but until we become one of the winners, we cannot say that we have succeeded. "

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