Williams again this year after the win

Author of the article: , published March 8, 2013.

CTO Mike Coughlan is confident they have a good race car at Williams to take it a step further. Because of this, Mike believes that they can reach the top step again this season: “Anything is possible. However, we do not want a lottery at all, because we want to win, which will not be accidental, so it will be considered something more. "

Nevertheless, Coughlan still sees quite a few puzzles before the new season, especially the tires: “We worked a lot, we did a lot of good work, but Melbourne still has a lot of questions for everyone. Above all, tires are a big puzzle for everyone, but we will definitely do our best to take every opportunity to succeed. "

Mike also commented on the car, which is supposed to be made on the good qualities of last year, which are further improved: “The racers confirmed that we are at least as good this year as we were last season. We are also much better in several areas, especially where we lagged far behind last year. We are pleased that we have taken a step forward in all areas, but the work never runs out, as we have a long season ahead of us, in which we will have to improve a lot. We have only slightly changed the structure of the car, but our goal remains the same, when the car comes on the track we try to squeeze the maximum out of it. "

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