Williams: The loss of Latifi's sponsors is not that significant

Author of the article: , published on February 13, 2023.

With the team Williams they claim they are ahead of the new season F1 in a financially solid position, despite the loss of the former racer's sponsors Nicholas Latifi.

After three seasons with Williams, Latifi left the team at the end of 2022, along with his sponsors such as Lavazza in Sofina.

This week, the Williams team presented a new livery for the racing car FW45, on which a new sponsor appeared, Gulf oil. Team Commercial Director, James Bower, however, said the loss of Latifi's sponsors hasn't hurt the team as much as some have suggested.

"There are some assumptions about the loss of income due to the recent changes, but the reality is different," Bower said. "We are adding new partners during the preparations for the season, so I think we are in a much more robust position than we have been in the last few years."

At Williams, where they added three more American sponsors to their portfolio of sponsors Stephens, Michelob Ultra ter PureStream, they expect a lot especially from the cooperation with Gulf Oil, and the team in the hands of American owners expects a lot of attention on American soil, which will be ensured by the American racer, otherwise a newcomer to F1, Logan Sargeant.

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