Williams confirmed cooperation with Mercedes

Author of the article: , published on May 30, 2013.


The Williams team has confirmed a long-term cooperation with Mercedes Benz, which will supply its powertrains to the team from Grove from next season onwards. Toto Wolff, a former Williams shareholder and co-owner of Mercedes-Benz, confirmed last week that the Williams team was among those to whom Mercedes offered its engines, and today it was announced that they had reached an agreement with the British team and signed a multi-year contract.

From next season onwards, racers will have to drive a 300-kilometer race with just 100 kilograms of fuel. The powertrains will be smaller, a 1.6-liter V6 with a turbocharger. Engine manufacturers are aiming for engines to produce as much power as this year, so they will need to be around 30 percent more efficient in their operation.

This will be greatly aided by the new Energy Reuse System (ERS), which will generate electricity from hot exhaust gases, much like the already known KERS recycles excess kinetic energy released during braking. The new ERS system will generate electricity from both the exhaust and the rear axle of the car when braking, and will return it the same way when accelerating (you will be able to read a more detailed description of the ERS system at the Speed ​​Council in the coming days).

Developments in the areas of energy storage, turbochargers, energy recycling and more efficient combustion will offer the possibility of transferring these technologies from racetracks to road transport.

At the signing of the contract, Sir Frank Williams, the founder of Williams, said, among other things: "Mercedes-Benz is one of the most successful motor suppliers, and we are confident that they will offer us a very competitive package."

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