Williams predicts progress

Author of the article: , published on May 6, 2013.

The Williams team started this season rather clumsily, as both Maldonado and Bottas were not among the points winners for once. Nevertheless, they remain optimistic in the team, as they are aware that only hard work can save them. For the start of the European part of this season, Williams is expected to focus on the redesign of the exhaust part of the FW34 car, with which they want to speed up other developments as well.

Racing chief engineer Xevi Pujolar is announcing a big update of the car for Barcelona, ​​but he does not want to make any major predictions: "We are all working hard, I believe that our changes will work, but for once it is difficult to say how we will be compared to others. This season, the races were very similar for us, despite the fact that the situation changed a lot with the change of tires. We noticed some problem, which turned out to be completely different elsewhere.

So we worked hard to catch the rest, but for Barcelona we are really announcing a big update of the car. Once we are in Europe, everything will be different and easier. Above all, the logistics will be much easier, and we will also be closer to the factory, which will make everything work much better. "

Nevertheless, Xevi only admitted at the end that he does not see any quick changes in sight: “We are currently working in the right direction, at least we think so. Of course, it’s hard to believe that you’d suddenly get to the top or below it. The changes in today's formula are one small, so at first we only expect the new updates of the car to work and help us keep up with the others. "

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