Williams must return to the original specification

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2013.

Williams technical director Mike Coughlan admitted that they have to use the older specification of the FW35 car, as they have obviously gone the wrong way with the current configuration. “We have to go back to the point where we thought we had taken a big step forward. Then we’ll start from there again and assess which path we took, ”Coughlan said.

The Williams team abandoned their latest exhaust layout and side shape after being compared to the previous one on Friday. Coughlan has admitted that this is one of the areas where his team is lame, but it is far from the only one. “Some aspects of exhaust routing are difficult to analyze and model. We were slightly behind in terms of exhaust utilization to increase vacuum. However, some teams have already had some attempts. Exhaust is one of the areas where there is a lot of potential, but we are not focusing on improving just one area. ”

Coughlan says there’s nothing wrong with the base of the race car, that you should think about a complete overhaul. Progress is expected to be made in the race in Malaysia in a week, and major updates can be prepared for the third race of the season in China. “We don’t have some problem at the base itself, like with the chassis twisting excessively. We had a basic race car that worked well, so we think we got lost in some aerodynamic parts. We think that a redesign of the car is not necessary. We have taken the wrong path and we will return to the right path, ”says Coughlan.

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