Will Lando Norris replace Perez alongside Verstappen?

Author of the article: , published March 30, 2023.

Red Bull is said to be very interested in the services of Briton Lando Norris, who according to some rumors could soon take over the role of Sergio Perez as Max Verstappen's teammate.

In the team of the Austrian manufacturer of energy drinks, relations between the two racers are said to be becoming more and more tense, as Perez is not ready to give up the possibility of fighting for the title of world champion. Running a team with two hot-headed drivers can be difficult, something Red Bull is well aware of, and Verstappen and Norris, at least for now, have a very friendly relationship.

Red Bull has offered Norris the opportunity to transfer several times, but the young Brit refused and promised his future to the McLaren team until the end of 2026. But the team and Woking have completely lost touch with the best of the rest this year, which could encourage Norris to change teams, even a seat in what is probably the fastest racing car at the moment is especially tempting.

Early termination of the contract would not be anything new, as only these usually include clauses that allow the racer to terminate early if the team does not allow the achievement of certain results, and Red Bull would certainly be happy to have better relations between the two racers. For now, it should only be a rumor, but it will certainly become louder if Perez's displeasure over the team's decisions continues.

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