Author of the article: , published on December 10, 2020.

Brez Hamilton it probably wouldn’t be so superior either Mercedesa. In fact, between a British racer and a German team based in English Milton Keynes there is a special harmony that gives the whole package the spirit of invincibility and infallibility, which, after all, also proved last weekend, when it is always accurate and a well-oiled German machine in the pits completely gave up.

Lewis Hamilton is considered one of the most complete racers in the last period of Formula 1. And probably in the entire history of the competition. Yes constantly fast in qualifications and mentally extremely strong, so that it is able to drive a perfect circle even under great pressure. It allows him his driving style, where he can afford something more unstable rear of the car of most and ability accurate dosing strong braking before a bend right up to the point, which still allows him adequate grip for a quick exit from the bend, as his main advantages are highlighted by the former McLarn engineer Paddy Lowe.

He is very capable rapid adaptation different situations, exceptionally it is strong in the rain, and at the same time due to the mentioned ability to maintain torque in the middle of a bend consumes less fuel and easier controls tire wear. At the same time, it is very consistent, rarely makes mistakes, which of course is also evident in his annual points.

S Hamilton however, Mercedes is not only a top racer, but one of the few Formula 1 stars who is also known and recognized beyond the limits of motorsport, however, because of this it is also a personality that quite polarizes. Above his involvement in the world of fashion in principle, no one blew their nose, even though for fashion magazines it is sometimes between two races traveled half the world, much more sympathy on the one hand and criticism on the other was received in connection with his political engagement, color for racial equality and persuading about the necessity of veganism for the survival of the planet.

Hamilton’s quality is not in question, but his negotiating position is worse than a week ago.

It is also known as a great philanthropist, especially in terms of helping the youngest and one of those who with his appearance in public Formula 1 and thus the brand Mercedes represents the target groups who are not primarily interested in motorsport in the first place.

And on the other side it is Hamilton even a man who aware of its values and he loves money, which ultimately also stems from the fact that he spent his childhood with significantly less money (though some argue that Hamilton’s father just wasn’t as very poor) as the vast majority of his competitors, who are mostly from wealthier backgrounds and racing dynasties.

Hamilton comes from the working class, unlike the vast majority of competitors he has met throughout his career.

He had it until last week almost all (negotiating) trump cards in his hands and he himself probably did not even imagine in his dreams how much it would be shopping trip to Dubai with family and friends changed his negotiating position.

Due to infection with Covid-19 it happened Russell, which proved to be strong Mercedes ace out of the sleeve and it is quite possible that it is dubai shopping Hamilton cost a whopping millions. The most expensive trip in the history of Formula 1, you could say.

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