Whiting would almost stop the race

Author of the article: , published on June 30, 2013.

The starter of Formula One races, Charlie Whiting was just about to stop and cancel a race for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where we saw a number of flat tires. Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez and Jean-Eric Vergne experienced spectacular tire explosions that made Whiting think i had stopped the race. “I was close to stopping the race,” Whiting said after the race. How close, however, he did not want to reveal. “I will not give the exact number of explosions that would be needed to stop the race. The security guards along the path were endangered by cleaning the remains, which I do not like. We have not seen such explosions so far. We’ve seen different tire explosions that we’re already focusing on. We now need to look at what caused these failures. ”

Whiting said the FIA ​​needs to get an explanation from Pirelli as to what caused the tire failures before it can take action. “It is too early to take action. They need to examine a lot of data, including tires that didn’t explode. Maybe they’ll find something there that was just before it caused such an explosion and that will hint to us why it happened. It is too early to say what needs to be done. "

Pirelli has been working for some time to introduce new tires that are made by a different process, but their introduction must be agreed by all teams, unless it is a safety-based change. The Lotus team did not agree with the introduction, as their cars do not have tire problems, and the new tires are, among other things, harder and harder to warm up to working temperature, which will certainly harm the team from Enston.

Coincidentally or not, today's tire explosions go hand in hand with Pirelli's wishes, as the FIA ​​added the tire safety debate to the list of topics for discussion at the Fie working group committee meeting at the Nurburgring this Wednesday before the German GP.

However, Whiting believes that tires should be discussed before solutions can be found as soon as possible. "We will talk about this tomorrow morning. Pirelli will examine the tires and try to find the causes. We will have to make a decision before Wednesday, ”Whiting said.

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