Will McLAREN enter FORMULA E in 2023?

Author of the article: , published on December 13, 2020.

Automotive industry like motorsport is in change. While there are exactly two manufacturers Audi in BMW announced its departure from Formula E, the Formula 1 racing team McLaren took the direction of the electric racing series. This could also be related to partial sales of the racing team An American.

"So far, we have not been allowed to participate in Formula E because we were a supplier of batteries. The FIA ​​tender forbade us to participate as a team,”He explained Zak Brown, first husband McLaren, why are they only now flirting with Formula E. After it is Williams supplied batteries to the first generation of race cars Formula E, Yippee McLaren Applied Technologies succeeded in the tender for the second generation. Years 2023 the third generation of electric racing cars will be introduced, and an elementary component of the upgrade is a completely new battery concept. “With the arrival of a new generation of racing cars in 2023 and we will no longer be the only supplier of batteries, the Formula E series is very interesting for us. We'll take a closer look at this," so Brown.

Zak Brown, McLaren’s first husband, has expressed interest in entering Formula E.

In front of new distributions of money in budget ceilings in Formula 1, which will be introduced in the 2021 season, at McLarn they hope to be able to operate sustainably financially again. Excessive resources could be used for other projects. With departure Audi in BMW there will again be vacancies in Formula E in the starting line-up. “Of course, we also have to ask ourselves why they will leave,”Is the concern Brown. "Nevertheless, manufacturers are still very supportive of this series. I'm not worried about that."

If she was Formula E initially affordable a pleasant variant of motorsport, are due to the many manufacturers present calculations literally exploded. Just like v Formulas 1 should also be in Formula E the budget ceiling has put an end to this. A step that irritates too McLaren, which in addition Formula E flirts with the series as well WEC. Manufacturer from Woking has been sympathetic to the new rules for some time LMDh, but it never got serious. The team already has a series program IndyCar namely in conjunction with Schmidt Peterson.        

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