Webber chose the perfect time to retire

Author of the article: , published on November 26, 2013.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes Mark Webber left the Formula One caravan just in time: “He left when he was still at the top and that will make everyone remember him as a strong racer. Even before coming on stage for the winners, I asked him if he really wanted to end his career as a Formula One racer, as he had done quite a few great overtaking, such as the one with Lewis. It is definitely good for him that he left at the peak of his career. "

Let us recall that Mark was brought to Red Bull by Horner in 2007. The Australian was with the current team for a fabulous seven years, during which time, according to Christian, he grew: “He became a very good racer, improved and brought real results. He always worked well with the team, which helped to achieve phenomenal results. "

Finally, Horner also mentioned the fact that Webber had a slight pitch with Vettl, as the German was simply too fast for him: “Sebastian is a very good racer that Webber could not match. Of course he was close, but Vettel is just a racer from another world. People simply underestimate Vettl, on the other hand, is Webber, who is a very good racer. He knows how to motivate himself, sometimes the team doesn't feel comfortable with him, but he always does everything in such a way as to squeeze the maximum out of himself. "

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