Meregalli: We are on the right track

Author of the article: , published on December 2, 2023.

The 2023 season is extremely challenging for Yamaha, which they ended without a win in the penultimate place in the constructors' standings. Despite many problems last season, team principal Massimo Meregalli believes that better times are ahead for Yamaha.

After the end of the test day in Valencia, where Alex Rins tested their motorcycle for the first time, Meregalli spoke to the press about the work done by the team.

"We have a long and tiring season behind us, but Tuesday's test was still important for us. The wind was quite annoying, but we made good use of the 7 hours we were given. Fabio and I mainly focused on three things. The biggest emphasis was on aerodynamics. Secondly, we focused on the powertrain for the coming season and the new chassis. Alex got used to the motorcycle so quickly that he tried the new frame himself.”

Meregalli admitted that one day was not enough to try everything they wanted. Nevertheless, he was satisfied with what he saw, as they had taken a step in the right direction. Based on what has been seen, he believes they are on the right track to return to the top.

"One day was not enough to set everything up correctly and test it, because there was too much. Nevertheless, it was a very positive day for us. Both racers have seen progress, which means we are on the right track. Now we can enjoy a well-deserved winter break satisfied with the work we have done. Now we will send all the data to Japan and Italy, where Yamaha engineers will work hard to be as well prepared as possible for the Sepang test"

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