TN GP: Marquez landed in hospital after falling in 1st practice

Author of the article: , published on October 4, 2019.

The leading racer in the scoring of this year's MotoGP, Marc Marquez, fell badly in the first free practice for the Grand Prix of Thailand. The Spaniard, who could have won the eighth overall title on Sunday, got back on his feet after a few moments, but with visible pain. An ambulance then transported him to a nearby hospital for further investigations.

Where they confirmed that it was only minor back and leg injuries, after the first examination at the medical center ruled out more serious injuries.

Honda then announced that doctors had given the green light to continue racing the weekend after an examination at Marco Hospital, despite some pain in his left leg, hip and back. Marquez will be back on the bike in a few minutes when the second free practice begins.





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