SAKHIR GP, race: SERGIA PEREZA's first victory in the MERCEDES disaster

Author of the article: , published on December 6, 2020.

Sergio Perez is a surprising winner of the race VN Sakhir. A catastrophic double stop Mercedesa it allowed him to bring his first win of his career. They kept him company on the steps Esteban Ocon in Lance stroll.

Bottas caught a very bad start, Russell he quickly overtook him, and after only a few turns, the first exciting moment when he Charles Leclerc very optimistic in the fourth turn literally shot in Laziness, which spun. Max Verstappen he wanted to avoid this collision, but he had no grip in the sand and landed in a protective fence, thus finishing today's race very quickly.

The end was also for Leclerc. Perez he was the last to change wheels. After the safety car phase, the race was relaxed again in the seventh lap. Russell stayed on top, Bottas however, he found himself under pressure from Sainz.  

Esteban Ocon took second place this season with second place.

Russell he sovereignly managed the course of the race, meanwhile Perez started from the beginning a real hunt. Already in the eleventh lap he was tenth when he overtook Vettel. Cities 3 to 11 they were a real DRS train with minimal differences. At the top, however, is the difference between Russell in Bottas pendulums from circle to circle.

V 26th round however, the first stops of the racers, who were on a soft mixture of tires, began: Kvyat, Gasly, Sainz in Ricciardo they went to the middle mix. At the top are both racers Mercedesa she cruised calmly along the trail and it was only in the 45th lap Russell came to a stop which was very quick. When he returned to the track, a brief shock followed as the engine had no power, but this was remedied with a different setting.

Lance Stroll rounded off Racing Point's brilliant achievement with third place.

Bottas he stayed outside to try with a few quick laps overcut. The second time, he turned to stop as well Perez and put on a hard mixture, just like Bottas, who turned on the substitution in the 49th round. When he got back on track, he was in favor Russell lagged by eight seconds. Then there is the failure Latifia in the 54th round took care of the virtual safety car phase. Some racers took advantage of this to stop, among them Hag, Sainz in Ricciardo. They benefited from this Ocon, Stroll in Perez, which found themselves in positions 3, 4 and 5. This order did not have a longer validity, as it is Perez first overtook a teammate Stroll, and then again Ozone and found himself in third place. He is in the 61st round for the next phase VSC taken care of by the novice Jack aitken, who lost control of the car and spun and destroyed the front wings.

After just a few turns, we witnessed the first exciting moment when the overly optimistic Leclerc collided with Perez and dragged the innocent Max Verstappn out of the race.

Mercedes took the opportunity to make a double stop Russella in Bottas. The young Briton was eliminated in 5,3 seconds and Bottas experienced a real nightmare as he drove away only after 27,4 seconds and fell to fifth place back. But that was just the beginning of a catastrophic embarrassment for a team that usually makes no mistakes and is on the verge of perfection. A few seconds later she followed for Russella just awful news. The team replaced the tires and the junior Mercedesa was on the road with the wrong (Bottas) tires. V 63th round he had to make another stop, dropping back to fifth place for Bottas.

Mercedes mechanics and the entire team in the pits fell on the whole line today. We haven't seen such embarrassment for a long time. The confusion that reigned was incomprehensible and unworthy of world champions.

At the restart in the 68th lap, they were at the top Perez, Ocon in Stroll. They were behind them Bottas in Russell, the latter on the middle mixture. It's a round later Russell overtook Bottas, in the 72nd lap he passed Stroll, only a lap and then past Ozone. A free path was made for the young Briton to attack the leader Laziness, which was three seconds before him. Russell started to reduce the backlog, but then the next horrible surprise - flat tire and a fourth stop, which he threw back at 14. place.

Finally: Sergio Perez with his first victory in a Formula 1 career.

With anger and a knife between his teeth Russell set out to save what could be saved and these are the first points of his career. He finally won the race Sergio Perez, second place for Esteban Ocon and the third for Lance Stroll. He was fourth Carlos Sainz, fifth Daniel Ricciardo, sixth Alex Albon, he was seventh Daniil Kvyat and only the eighth Valtteri Bottas. Right behind him we find the biggest osmoljenca of the race George Russell, but it is his eighth place in question due to the use of the wrong tires, for which I could - as a “dessert” for this horrible evening - receive 5 seconds mark-up. He was tenth with the last point Lando Norris.

True, a photo says more than a thousand words.

Given today’s excellent result, it is Racing Point after a disappointment in the previous race made a big step up third place in the design championship. And maybe it is Sergio Perez with today’s show he finally opened his eyes to the greats Red Bull Racingthat is the insistence on Albon Waste of time.        

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