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Yesterday is Red Bull dominated the longer distances, and it was at the general qualifiers that the Red Bulls also improved on one quick lap. Max verstapen with time 54,064 seconds he did not achieve the best time of the third free practice, but also broke the record of the outer part of the track Bahrain and Formula 1 in general George Russell, which took care of the fastest lap in history yesterday Formula 1.

young British, who is racing this week instead Lewis Hamilton, he was more nervous this time, he made minor mistakes, which cost him better rankings than seventh place. Alpha Tauri in person gasly again great, better compared to yesterday as well McLaren, Ferrari out of ten.


As usual, all the racers for the evening qualifiers warmed up with soft mixture tires. Verstappen is with his time the first pursuer Valtteria Bottas beat fairly clearly considering the length of the circle. The Finn was two tenths behind the Dutchman. It is for both favorites Pierre Gasly with third place confirmed a strong impression from yesterday’s training sessions.

Valtteri Bottas was also defeated for the third time, this time by Max Verstappn.

The same goes for Esteban Ocon, which is a race car Renault placed fourth before Land Norris from McLaren. Alex Albon landed in sixth place in the second Red Bull, a Lewis replacement George Russell, who shone in both training sessions yesterday, was only seventh. Eighth and ninth place were taken by both racers Racing Point namely Sergio Perez before Lance Stroll, and concludes ten Carlos Sainz.

Pierre Gasly proved once again that it will be necessary to reckon with him on Sunday.

Od eleventh place onwards, the racers were classified as follows: Antonio Giovinazzi, Daniil Kvyat, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Kevin Magnussen, Nicholas Latifi, Pietro Fittipaldi in Jack aitken.

Trail incidents

Max Verstappen repeated yesterday’s rotation of a teammate today Albon. When accelerating from the first turn, he lost his backside and spun. Dutchman he was able to drive forward without difficulty. Charles Leclerc took care of the action just before the end of the training session, spinning at the exit of the last turn. Even his trip ended without consequences.

Today, Max Verstappen repeated the exercise of his teammate Alex Albon from yesterday's training.

But it was on shorter variants of the track again a lot of traffic, although there have never been any tricky situations. However, there were many complaints via radio communications. “No matter where we are, traffic is everywhere,”Are from the team’s command desk Alpha Tauri replied to Pierre Gasly.


After it is Ferrari it went a little better than yesterday, but he had to Sebastian Vettel prematurely park your race car in the garage because engineers found problems on the drive unit. As a precaution, they will replace the engine before qualifying. Pietro fittipaldi however, he received a bad conscience even before the start of training. Because of the collision Grosjean last Sunday, he had to Haas install a new battery and control unit. This is the third instance, which means a penalty, which will make the race start as the last.   

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