Australian GP: Top three statements - Leclerc further increases overall lead with victory

Author of the article: , published April 10, 2022

Charles Leclerc is the winner of the third race in Melbourne. After the resignation of Max Verstappn, Monacan increased their lead in the overall six. Sergio Perez took second place. George Russell, on the other hand, took the podium for the first time with Mercedes.

The first statements of the best three were:

1.Charles Leclerc:

“I had a great race car. I did an outstanding job throughout the weekend, but that wouldn’t have been possible without an outstanding race car. I am very happy."

When asked about the fight for the title, he answered:

“We are only in the third race of the season, so it is difficult to think about the championship. We have an otherwise very competitive and reliable race car. We have always been in the forefront in the first races and I hope that it will continue to be so. ”

2.Sergio Perez:

“Second place is a good result, but unfortunately Max resigned. It would be really nice if we both finished on the winning podium. As a team, we had quite a few accidents in the first races. ”

3.George Russell:

“Today we took the opportunity that came after the problems of others. We've had some luck twice, but you have to be in the right place to win. ”

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