Belgian GP: Hamilton's best starting position

Author of the article: , published on August 24, 2013.


Just before the start of the first part of the qualifiers, it started to rain lightly on the track in Spa, which is why the racers immediately used light rain tires for this introductory part. Many racers lined up at the exit of the pits, and due to the predicted increasingly heavy rain, practically everyone soon left the pits. On the track, practically all the racers were taken away and a lot from the track as well. Hamilton came to the top first, was soon ousted by Rosberg, but those times were only introductory.

After an introductory five minutes, the situation around the rain calmed down. Alonso was at the top ahead of Vettl and Webbr, but with the drying track, the real qualifications were just beginning. Times were falling fast, of course, interestingly, both Mercedes, Rosberg ahead of Hamilton, took the lead, but from round to round the situation changed dramatically.

In the first part, we are certainly interested in those at the beginning who will not have the opportunity to continue the fight for higher positions. Outside the 107, Maldonado, di Resta, Bianchi, Pic, Van der Garde and Chilton were three minutes before the end. The latter was also outside XNUMX% of the fastest time. At the last minute, everyone drove onto the track and also due to the increasingly dry track, the times and the order of the racers were constantly changing. Just ten seconds before the end, Alonso and Massa were also outside the sixteen. Just in front of both Ferrari racers, Paula di Resto spun in the last chicane, causing the yellow flag to be hoisted, but probably withdrawn quickly enough to put Alonso in first place and Massa in sixth.

Interestingly, Max Chilton also came to the next part, but Maldonado, Vergne, Ricciardo, Bottas, Gutierrez and Pic dropped out. Perhaps it is worth mentioning Van der Gard, who took third place, so the risk of dry track tires paid off for many.


The second part of the qualifiers started a bit more calmly, as only Kimi Raikkonen was in a hurry to the track. After almost half of the second part of the qualifications, almost all the racers took to the track. At the top it was all through very close between Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and also Lotus. Interestingly, five minutes before the end, Vettel and Hamitlon still did not drive on the track, and Rosberg was still without time, but at least on the track.

Three minutes before the end, Vettel spun to the very top in front of Raikkonen and Hamitlon. Outside the top ten, however, was still Rosberg, who even drove into the pits. Massa was also very close, falling to eleventh place ahead of Perez two minutes before the end. After the passage of time, Alonso was in first place ahead of the two Red Bulls, and Chilton, Bianchi, Van der Garde, Perez, Sutil and Hulkenberg remained outside the top ten.


In the last part of the qualifications, all the racers drove immediately with the green light on, as it started to rain again on the track. Everyone was definitely in a hurry, as they wanted to drive at least one fast lap with dry track tires. The rain came too fast and too hard, causing everyone to drive back to the pits for tires for light rain. Rosberg tried the tires for the dry track, but of course the track was too wet.

Di Resta was the first to arrive by the time, followed by Massa while it started to rain very heavily. The Brazilian was practically the last to reach a really fast time, as it started to rain so very hard that the others were a few seconds behind. The racers drove practically only one fast lap. Interestingly, Rosberg came in front of Massa, and everyone was able to drive for another quick lap. In the end, Rosberg managed to set up an even faster lap, swinging to first place ahead of di Resto and Buttna. In the final seconds, it completely stopped raining, causing Hamilton to take first place ahead of Vettl, Webber, Rosberg and di Resto. Button, Grosjean, Raikkonen, Alonso and Massa also finished in the top ten.

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