VN ABU DABIJA, FP3: MAX VERSTAPPEN wins general of last qualifications 2020

Author of the article: , published on December 12, 2020.

The third free practice is behind us GP Abu Dhabi, a general of the afternoon qualifiers, which is of secondary importance here on the Arabian Peninsula. The fact is that training in daylightand qualifications in the evening or in the evening, which makes the conditions completely different.  

And because it is third training - just like yesterday's first - took place in daylight and the qualifications will take place only on the eve of local time, no one was surprised twenty minutes eliminated the first race car on the track. He eventually achieved the best time Max Verstappen in front of a teammate Alex Albon in Daniel Ricciard from Renault.

Results of today's third free practice of the Abu Dhabi GP.

Mercedes was, probably precisely for the reason that the times of this training they are not representative, very reserved since Lewis Hamilton we find him in sixth place, his teammate Valtteria Bottas but on the ninth. Both Ferrari outside the top ten, and it will be even more interesting to follow the racers of the three teams fighting for the third place in the construction championship, who are also very close this time.


Max Verstappen is the fastest round of the third free practice GP Abu Dhabi on the track Yas Marina Tour drove away in time 1: 36.251 minutes and was half a second faster than a teammate Alex Albon. He was a good tenth more in third place Daniel Ricciardo, which was only a few thousandths of a second faster than its Renault counterpart Esteban Ocon in fourth place.

Alex Albon won second place with a lag of half a second.

He was a tenth more in fifth place Lando Norris with his McLarn, two hundredths of a second behind him, the current world champion was in sixth place Lewis Hamilton iz Mercedes, which consumed as many as six sets of soft rubber compound. Just behind him we find him in seventh place Lance Stroll iz Racing Ponta, and on the eighth he landed Carlos Sainz. The top ten is completed by the ninth Valtteri Bottas and the tenth Sergio Perez.

Third in training this morning was Daniel Ricciardo of Renault.

It is interesting to see that there is a difference between the first Verstappen and others Albon half a second, and in the same difference he is between second and twelfth place eleven racers. Another point of interest: except Norris in Stroll, who tried to drive a few laps with medium mixture, all other racers used exclusive red marked soft tires.

Od eleventh place onwards, the racers were classified as follows: Daniil Kvyat, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel, George Russell, Antonio Giovinazzi, Kimi Raikkonen, Kevin Magnussen, Nicholas Latifi in Pietro fittipaldi.

Trail incidents

Alex Albon was the only one to worry about a bit of excitement when he complained about the understeer of his race car and hopes this will be fixed by the time of qualifying.

Because teams this third free practice they did not consecrate excessive attention, which is not least seen in the very a small number of laps taken individual racers, which is why there were no major incidents. The racers did not take risks, for the only "excitement“, If we can call it that, he took care of it Alex Albon.

Mercedes with a special exterior

2Merecdes honors all its 2000 team members at the final of this season on the hood of a race car engine.

Ker third training he did not throw anyone off the chair, many cast their eyes on a special varnish Mercedes race cars. At the beginning of this season, it did silver arrow spilled over into black, and for the finals Mercedes thought of something special. On bonnet they had the names of all the team members written down. Together with members of the engine factory in Brixworth and chassis in Brackley it's all around 2.000 names.    

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