Villeneuve: If Raikkonen hit Bottas, he would get a lower penalty

Author of the article: , published July 10, 2018.

The world champion of the 1997 season, Jacques Villeneuve is convinced that Kimi Raikkonen would have received a lower penalty at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone if he had collided with Valtteri Bottas and not Lewis Hamilton. Raikkonen collided with Hamilton in the third turn of the first lap of the race and spun the Briton, receiving a ten-second penalty for it, while Sebastian Vettel collided with Bottas in the same way three weeks ago and was penalized for it with a lower, five-second penalty.

Villeneuve said Raikkonen's sentence nicely expresses the inconsistency of Formula One commissioners' decisions. “I don’t understand why the penalty is once five seconds, the second ten, and the third time they don’t punish anyone,” the Canadian said. “That’s not right, because it’s about racing. I don’t like penalties for racing mistakes. Penalties should be shared for dirty or stupid driving, which is something completely different. Since we were in the UK and because Lewis was involved, they decided a penalty of ten seconds was appropriate. If Bottas were in his place, he would get five seconds, that's the problem. "

The Canadian also pointed out the collision between Raikkonen and Max Verstappn at the Austrian Grand Prix, where the Dutchman hit Finn in a Ferrari in the first lap of the race and then overtook him, but was not penalized for touching. “Sometimes you see incidents like when Verstappen teased Raikkonen in Austria. Why was there no punishment? Just because Kimi didn't get off the track? Would the penalty fall if Kimi spun? That's not right. What matters is the action, not the consequence of that action. ”

Interestingly, Villeneuve estimated that Hamilton even gained by colliding, as he changed tactics and had newer tires at the end of the race, from teammate Bottas. "If there was no collision, he would have driven the whole race in third place and finished there, because the racers in front of him would not have withdrawn from the road, and driving behind them would have destroyed the tires. So he did better, as he put on the last set of tires later, so he had better tires compared to the Bottas. After a bad start to the race, he finished in second place, so he can be satisfied with that, as he would not have won this race. That way he really doesn't have to complain, ”he added.

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