VIDEO: Slovenian H-gearbox with "blades"

Author of the article: , published on February 2, 2016.

In Žire, a small town at the end of the Poljanska valley, in a small private garage, Marko Mlakar is constantly diligently upgrading his racing VW Golf II, with which he competes in mountain speed racing. Instead of a sequential gearbox, Marko installed a system in the Golf, which, despite the "classic" H-gearbox, allows quick gear changes by pulling the steering wheel or "blade".

The system leaves a deep impression on many people, as it is used by the legend during mountain races, Felix Pailer, for example in his Lancia Delta.

The MME Motorsport electro-pneumatic system changes gears in just 0,08 seconds. You can see the operation in the video below, and you may meet the Golf and its creator at one of the mountain speed races this year.

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