VIDEO: Geiser suffered double jaw fracture in Mantua

Author of the article: , published on February 18, 2018.

Slovenian motocross ace Tim Gajser fell badly in the race of the Italian national championship in Mantua and suffered a double jaw fracture. Gajser took part in the race as part of preparations for the new season of the World Motocross Championship, which starts in two weeks in Argentina. The MX champion of the 2016 season fell from a great height in one of the jumps in the final run and hit the handlebars of his engine with his head when landing. The 21-year-old suffered a double jaw fracture and lost a few teeth, and tonight he will have a few hours of surgery.

Gajser closely followed the local Antonio Cairoli, the current champion of the MXGP championship, and in the last laps of the race he was overtaken by Jeremy van Horebeek. The team wanted to make up for lost time, but misjudged one of the jumps and jumped too far.

"I can't believe what happened at all and what bad luck Tim had," said the statement of Tim's father, Bogomir Gajser, to the Auto-Moto Association of Slovenia. "It is very difficult for us at the moment. You called a specialist at the hospital to operate on Tim tonight. ”




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