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Author of the article: , published September 7, 2013.


Esteban Gutierrez was the first to start qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix, which was slowly followed by some others, but we only saw the real action on the track after five or six minutes. We first saw Vergno at the top, but soon Alonso set the fastest lap. Of course, the order changed throughout, but interestingly, ten minutes before the end, Vettel had not yet driven on the track, and Webber was only in tenth place.

We saw quite a few runs in the second half of the first part of the qualifiers. Everyone drove to the track, and Vettel came to the top ahead of Rosberg and Hamilton. Vergne was very fast all through, but of course we are interested in those from the background. Chilton, Bianchi, Pic, Van der Garde, Bottas and Gutierrez remained out of the box.


Ricciardo was the first to enter the second part of the qualifiers, but he was quickly joined by Hulkenberg, Di Resta, Vergne and Maldonado. Of course, the others quickly joined in, and of course both Ferrari racers quickly reached the top. It is worth mentioning the mistake of Hamilton, who made a mistake in the Parabolica in the opening round and drove slightly off the track on the sand, fortunately without consequences.

In the second part of the second part of the qualifications, of course, we were interested in the top ten, or who will not be in it. Five minutes before the end, both Red Bull racers were still without time. First Webber came in second, then Vettel in first, leaving Sutil, di Resta, Perez, Gorsjean, Maldonado and Hamilton out of the top ten.

There was really a lot of traffic on the track in the last two minutes, as only Fernando Alonso was in the pits. The Spaniard finished second behind Vettl and ahead of Webber, so he was not in question for a breakthrough into the final qualifiers. In any case, Di Resta remained out of the top ten, and Maldonado, Sutil, Grosjean, Hamilton and Raikkonen did not have a chance to advance.


In the last part of the qualifiers, both Ferraris were among the first to hit the track, Massa ahead of Alonso. Of course, this raised all the fans along the track to their feet, but the cavalry from Maranello was followed by others, especially Vettel with Red Bull. Interestingly, Alonso complained on the radio that he didn’t want to drive for Massa, and most importantly, not so very close. After the first rounds, Vettel took the lead ahead of Webber, and third and fourth place went to Alonso and Massa ahead of Rosberg.

Two minutes before the end, we saw only six racers driving a fast lap. In any case, everyone took to the track in the last minutes. Interestingly, Alonso was driving for Massa again, as they wanted the team to gain something with the breeze, but that obviously didn’t suit the Spaniard. Despite everything, Alonso accelerated, but on the last turn he took Vergno off the track, who stopped everything a bit. In the end, the first place was taken by Vettelp red Webbrom, Hulkemberg, Masso and Alonso. Mention should also be made of the sixth Rosberg, the seventh Ricciardo, the eighth Perez and Buttn, and Vergen, who took ninth and tenth place.

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