Vettl will achieve a record string of victories

Author of the article: , published on October 15, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton is confident that rival Sebastian Vettl will be able to improve on a long-running record-breaking set of seven consecutive Grand Prix races this year.

Vettel is just one step away from winning his fourth consecutive world title and has won all five consecutive races following the summer break. The German must now win the next two races to catch up with a series of seven victories by Alberto Ascari in the 1952 and 1953 seasons and Michael Schumacher in the 2004 season, but if he wants to beat them, he must celebrate in the next three races, of the four still waiting for racers this season.

“If he doesn’t have technical breakdowns then he will probably succeed,” Hamilton said. “Every time you just walk to victory,” he added.

Vettl's boss, Christian Horner, was a bit more restrained, although he described the dominance of his racer as an incredible achievement. “Sebastian won just about every race after the summer break, which is an amazing achievement. None of us imagined he would be so successful. This time he drives completely superior, but there are four more races until the end, and our goal is to continue at that pace in all future races. The next two races in India and Abu Dhabi will be a completely different challenge, ”Horner said.

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