Vettel relaxed before the race

Author of the article: , published on May 12, 2013.

The Red Bull racer and three-time world champion was 0,336 seconds behind the fastest Rosberg in yesterday's qualifiers, occupying (only) the third starting position for today's Spanish Grand Prix. Nevertheless, the German is not disappointed, in fact he is even satisfied with the achievement: “I have to admit that I am satisfied with the achievement, as we have greatly improved the car, which is so ready for new adventures.

We chose a different approach unlike some that use only optional tires. We don’t know if this will help us in the race, but let’s wait and see. We definitely have a long race ahead of us, which will probably be decided again by the tires and their wear. " is ahead of us, so we have to overtake him, but they drove some longer distances where they weren’t exactly bad. We have a long and tense race ahead of us, as the Ferrara Lotus was also very competitive on longer routes. I believe we have a good chance, but let's wait for the race. "

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