Vettel proud of a record string of victories

Author of the article: , published on November 3, 2013.


Sebastian Vettel says that he is not motivated by the previous Formula 1 records, but he is very proud of his series of seven victories, as many as Michael Schumacher has achieved.

The German, who swept the competition at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday, is separated from the big record by only two consecutive victories and will catch Albert Ascari, who achieved a record nine consecutive victories in 1952-1953.

“That’s not what drives me,” said Vettel, who has scored 37 wins so far. “The thing is, people see these seven races, but they don’t notice how much effort it takes to win each of them. I think it’s amazing how well we managed to make the stops in the pits and take care of a reliable race car. The numbers don’t matter to me, but I’m also very, very proud.

“I remember watching Formula 1 as a child and Michael leading Ferrari’s powerful race car and team for years. Not only me, but the whole team means a lot that we managed to achieve the same results. These were special years and it is difficult to repeat such a season ”.

With Mark Webber finishing second in Abu Dhabi, Red Bull scored their third double win of the season. The Milton Keynes team also celebrated the XNUMXth podium finish for the winners.



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