Verstappen's position on the starting line was not disputed

Author of the article: , published April 2, 2023

After Max Verstappen won the F1 Australian Grand Prix, there was speculation as to why the Dutchman was not penalized for wrongly lining up his starting position. In some photos, the Red Bull racer was standing on the white line, which marks the starting point, with the front wheels of the racing car.

But the explanation is very simple, because the rules specify that the tires with their "contact surface" must stand within the area marked with white lines. From the clearer photos, it appears that Max positioned his racing car in such a way that the contact surface of the front tires was not outside the marked area, while the current world champion explained that it was not a deliberate act.

"To be honest, I braked a bit later and I lost the reference point," explained Verstappen. "I looked at where I was standing and was sure that I still had a lot of room, so I drove a little further. I was completely on the edge, but if you're on the edge it means you're not over it."

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