VERSTAPPEN is teasing MERCEDES with its new teammate

Author of the article: , published on December 19, 2020.

Max Verstappen will have at Red Bull next year for the fourth time in a row another teammate. Po Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly in Alex Albon follow now Sergio Perez. The arrival of the freshly baked Formula 1 race winner was very positively received by the team leader. Verstappen namely, he sees good opportunities to put concrete pressure on Mercedes together with Perez. Albon he did not have these qualities.

"Race faster and get closer to other race cars (Mercedes),”Reads Verstappen's standard for Laziness. "Checo is a good guy, starts great and is a very good racer. He’s intelligent and that’s why I think what’s going to make a difference is”Believes the Dutchman that they are with Mexican finally find the right replacement for the structure at Red Bull. "So I actually made a contract with him. I had the right to decide and I also kept my salary very low, just in case,”He joked Max when asked how far he was involved in the team’s decision. It actually did Dutchman a few weeks ago in the media positively defined about Nice to Hülkenberg. "Of course we talked in the team and I just said my candid opinion. I think we could obviously see that Alex has had problems sometimes this season," so Verstappen.

Max Verstappen is confident that with his new team-mate Sergio Perez he will be able to increase the pressure on the Mercedes team,

"Alex is a great and honest man and I am happy that he will continue to be part of the team. In the end, the decision is always made by Helmut, Christian and Dietrich. Of course, I knew something before, but in the end it doesn’t make a difference.”From Brand Webbra forward this is the first time that Red Bull bets on a racer who does not come from his own kind. Perez it is said to have filled the mosaic pebble that the Austrians have been searching for since he left them Ricciardo. "For the most part, when we were competitive this year, I was the only racer trying to beat them while trying something else," so Verstappen, who this year proved to be the only racer able to challenge Mercedes. "But they were always able to choose a better strategy with both race cars because they could cover me with one."  

The Dutchman is happy that the last teammate Alex Albon will remain part of the team, as the young Tajec will perform as a reserve Red Bull racer in the 2021 season.

In the final race v Abu Dhabi je Albon witnesses held the connection of both Mercedes and thus finally met expectations Verstappen in Red Bull Racing. "At least that prevented Mercedes from making an extra stop or trying something that would get me in trouble," so Maxwho are you from Laziness wants more such campaigns. “It is much more about having another car in the foreground, which can apply pressure throughout the race. I hope Checo is the right racer for that. And most of all, someone who will take the whole team forward and keep me at ease. It’s always nice to have a teammate put pressure on you."           

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