Verstappen qualifier winner before the grand final in Abu Dhabi

Author of the article: , published on December 11, 2021.

Last qualifiers this year they decided mainly on which of the two protagonists for the title will have better cards in their hands at the start tomorrow. V Abu Dhabi it was 26 degrees Celsius at the start of qualifying, the asphalt was a good four degrees warmer.

Before these started, it was quite lively in the team’s garage Red Bull, where mechanics worked on the bodywork of a Verstappn race car. As the head of the team said, Christian horner, it was a preventive measure, as cracks appeared in certain parts. "The cars are two years old, that's normal," he added British.

Q1 - Kimi stuck in Q1 in the last career qualifiers

He opened the first part of the qualifications from the leading duo Verstappen, which took a time of 1: 23,6. Hamilton he waited a bit longer in the pits and then drove significantly better, as he overtook the main competitor with a time of 1: 23,3 by a good three tenths.

We also saw the red flag in the first part of the qualifiers, but this time not because of an accident, but because Mick Schumacher ran a peg that marks the edge of the bend. The qualifiers continued after a few minutes, and after the second attempt they are at the already mentioned Schumacher his teammate also dropped out mazepin, p Latifs, Russell in Kimi Räikkönen, who finished his last qualifications in the career of a Formula 1 racer in the first part.

Q2 - Lots of traffic at the end, Red Bull bets on soft compound tires

The second part of the qualifications is the vast majority of teams (with the exception of Aston Martin) started on medium tires, although there has been much speculation that tomorrow Red Bull Racing started on soft tires. He was in the first attempt Hamilton again faster than Verstappen, but the difference between them was really minimal, only 4 thousandths of a second.

Kimi Räikkönen remained in the first part of the qualifiers in the last qualifiers of the season. - Photo: HB Press

In the end, he failed to break through in Q3 Alonso, Gasly, Stroll, Giovinazzi in Vettel, but it really turned out to be Red Bull tomorrow started on soft compound tires as they are Verstappen as well as Perez improved her times in the second attempt. So Red Bull on soft, Mercedes on medium compound tires. A very interesting race awaits us!

At the end of the second part of the qualifiers, it was quite chaotic on the track, as the racers were constantly on the move. It would not be a surprise if someone subsequently also received a penalty.

Q1 - Discontinued Mercedes series

The first attempt at the last part of the qualifications is Verstappen with help Perez's breeze reached a time of 1: 22,1, which was half a second faster than Hamilton. A great round succeeded as well Tsunoda, who was third, but his time was subsequently deleted.

For the first time in four races, the Mercedes drivers failed to win the pole position.

In the second attempt, it did Hamilton he managed to get closer to the Dutchman, but he managed to win a pole position for tomorrow's race. For Verstappen in Hamilton ranked third Norris, before Perez in Sainz. Valtteri Bottas he was only able to reach sixth place and will have a hard time helping his teammate. For the first time in four consecutive races, Mercedes did not win the pole position.

Abu Dhabi GP, qualifications - results

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