Verstappen: Hamilton is a stupid idiot!

Author of the article: , published on October 23, 2021.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are caught in a tense duel for the world title this year. Close encounters on the track between them are not uncommon this season, and tensions are only escalating. This is also evidenced by the incident between the duo, which took place during the second free practice for the US Grand Prix in Austin. It all started when a Red Bull racer was preparing for a fast lap, and in the last corner, as if it were a race, he was attacked and overtaken by Hamilton. The Dutchman had to play with the ideals of the line to avoid a collision, but he started a new lap and ran away from Hamilton, who drove past him and overtook him again in the first corner. Verstappen then labeled his rival on the radio as a stupid idiot.

Hamilton attacked Verstappn at the start of the round and overtook him in the first corner.

The Mercedes racer was teasing his opponent even before the start of the lap, when they almost collided.

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