Verstappen: Hamilton finds defeat difficult after years of victories

Author of the article: , published September 3, 2023.

Max Verstappen has responded to the latest teasing statement from Lewis Hamilton, this time saying that the reigning world champion is getting more credit for his achievements than he was when he beat much tougher teammates.

The seven-time world champion said Valtteri Bottas was a tougher competitor than any of the drivers who found himself in the garage alongside Verstappen, but he was never showered with as much praise for beating him as the Dutchman was for defeating Perez. "When I beat Valtteri by half a second in qualifying, the media did not write the same as now when Max finishes half a second ahead of Perez. They inflate his achievements much more. Personally, I think Valtteri, like all my team rivals, was stronger than any of Max's teammates.”

Verstappen answered for the Dutch Telegraaf: "Perhaps Lewis is jealous of my current successes. I don't know why such statements. He may think that he is gaining something or defending himself by such statements, but they have no effect on me. But it seems to me that it is difficult for Mercedes to face defeats, after such a long period of victories."

Photos: RedBull Content Pool

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