Verstappen: I was eliminated again by a Mercedes racer

Author of the article: , published on August 1, 2021.

For the second race in a row, Max Verstappen was left without a fight to win, due to the consequences of the action of the Mercedes racer. After a collision with Lewis Hamilton in Silverstone, the Dutchman was hit this time by Hamilton's assistant Valtteri Bottas, who crashed into the back of Land Norris and pushed the McLaren racer into the Verstappn race car. “I was knocked out again by a Mercedes racer,” he said after the race, where he won a consolation point. “You really don’t want that. I was left without the entire flank of the car, the bottom was also damaged. I did my best to score at least one point. It's not much, but there are at least a few, but we want as few such races as possible. ”

Verstappen had a bit of luck in the accident, as the race was interrupted due to debris on the track, so the mechanics had some time to quickly repair the car, but we were not allowed to fix the bottom. “I am very disappointed. As the season resumes after the summer break, I will do my best. I hope my car will be competitive then. We lost a lot of points due to strange incidents. ”

If Verstappn's lead over Silverstone was 33 points, the Dutchman lost almost 40 points after just two races, as he is now six points behind Hamilton.

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