Vatanen predicts Loeb’s victory at Pikes Peak

Author of the article: , published April 17, 2013


Former world rally champion Ari Vatanen is betting that Sebastien Loeb will set a new record this year in the 19,99-kilometer climb to Pikes Peak. The nine-time world rally champion will take part in the legendary mountain speed race in Colorado, USA, on June 30 this year, where he will be behind the wheel of the prototype Peugeot 208 T16.

For the Frenchman, this will be his first appearance at this demanding test, which is taking place on a completely paved surface for the first time this year. “He will set a record that no one will break long after that,” believes Vatanen, who won the event in 1988 while also driving a Peugeot race car.

"I can say without hesitation that he had to wait for the asphalt to be laid on the entire route before he could go hunting for a new record," added the legendary Finn, who believes that the lack of experience around 156 turns for Loeb will not be great. problem. “He will easily remember the track, but this ascent requires a certain level of dedication. You can't drive at the border here. You always have to have some reserve, some room for error. If you take off from the track here, the trip is soft at first, but then a very hard landing awaits you! ”


The ascent of Ari Vatanen to Pikes Peak in 1988





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