A safety car ruined the race

Author of the article: , published April 6, 2014

Felipe Massa believes the safety car drove onto the track at a time that was not the most favorable for the Williams team. The Brazilian finished the race in the seventh throw, although he looked much better all the way to the safety car.

“The start was perfect. I did everything right, I had a grip and everything went according to plan. We were in a good position, but the tires were wearing out more than we expected. The safety car did not benefit our choice of tactics. I think we could be right next to the Force India race cars, not behind Red Bull. Other than that, the race was very good, with some nice fights for the city. It is very good for the team that we got to the points with both cars, ”said the former Ferrari racer after the race.

Teammate Valtteri Bottas led for Massa, in eighth place. "After a bad start, our tactics collapsed. When I started, my bikes spun empty, which caused me to lose quite a few seats, which makes me a little angry. We had tire problems that were worse than we expected, but the positive thing is that we scored a lot of points with both race cars. Of course, we always want more, so we will work hard in preparation for the next race. ”

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