Valentino Rossi starts the race in Dubai from eighth place

Author of the article: , published January 13, 2023.

Valentino Rossi will start today's 24 Hours of Dubai race in the GT3 class from the eighth starting position.

The qualifications that took place yesterday were divided into four parts of fifteen minutes each. Two were scheduled in the afternoon, after daylight, and two in the evening, when it was already dark over the track. The best starting position belongs to the team whose racers set the best average time.

The first starting position was secured by drivers Luca Stolz, Fabian Schiller, Axcil Jefferies and Martin Konrad for the Al Manar Racing by HRT team, which uses Mercedes cars. Stolz set a time of 3:1 in Q58.335, which was the best time of the day. Together, their average time was 1:59.791. The second place was taken by the racers of the other racing car of this team. The second starting row is started by the racers (Sven Müller, Aliaksandr Malykhin, Joel Sturm, Harry King) of the Pure Rxcing team with a Porche racing car, who were otherwise in the lead after half of qualifying.

Valentino Rossi set the eighth best average time with his racing colleagues Tim Whale, Sean Gelael, Max Hesse and Maxime Martin. They were 1,049 seconds behind the fastest.

The other WRT team car finished in fourth place.

The results:

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