V6 engines must not dictate form

Bob Fernley
Author of the article: , published April 3, 2013

Force India team representative Bob Fernley is aware of the work of their team, which has progressed nicely in recent years and even came in the top seven. Nevertheless, the year 2014 could also mean work for them again, as new generators are coming in 2014, which will more than obviously turn everything upside down. Bob warns that no one wants too much difference on the starting line: "Formula One will obviously be very dependent on engines in the coming season, as it is unlikely that we will get such very similar units again as we have now."

Of course, Fernley warns that motor suppliers want more differences, so they can draw more attention to themselves: “Motor constructors want dominance for each of them, as they also invest a lot of money in the development itself. However, once again, engines must not be the deciding factor between teams. "

Let us recall that Formula One has historically faced a freeze on the development of motor units. With this, of course, we saw more and more performance-like engines from individual manufacturers and therefore an increasingly tight starting line. Of course, it is unbelievable that in 2014 Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault would make such very similarly strong and durable and powerful units, which will definitely make this an additional factor. Of course, Fernley does not want a "reset" due to the effort in recent years, but one of the new engine suppliers may want one, but for the time being, the homologation rules are not known regarding the new engines (they are only roughly defined).

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