They want better stops in Lotus

Author of the article: , published March 27, 2013.

The Lotus team will take advantage of the three-week break before the Chinese Grand Prix, among other things, for intensive training of boxing stops. Team racing chief Paul Seaby admitted that his mechanics had plenty of trouble making stops during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

“We got a little lost during the Malaysian weekend. Friday’s test stops were as good as ever, but from Saturday onwards we had trouble stopping at the optimal time. The fact that the conditions on the track changed from wet to dry and it was necessary to readjust the front wings did not help us. But still, this wasn’t the best weekend from a stop point of view.

We need to accept that and train our work well at Enston. We have to work hard to be where we deserve to be. As with a football team, we deserve praise for our success, but when we don't, we have to accept it as a team, work hard together and get back together. ”

Apart from the bad stops, Seaby also wants to eliminate the discrepancy in the car upgrades, as Raikkonen used new parts in Malaysia and Romain Grosjean did not. “One of the main goals is to provide both racers with the latest parts available. Romain raced without the latest version of the exhaust and related housings, and new accessories for both cars are coming in the next race. ”

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