Judgment to Mercedes on Thursday

Author of the article: , published on June 17, 2013.

Mercedes has very critical shareholders who are once again demanding that Mercedes leave Formula One. Namely, it should be remembered that the German manufacturer allegedly tested the future (new) tire with this year's car. Of course, an indictment has already been written, but the hearing will not take place in Paris until Thursday, before the international court.

Anyway, now Michael Munders from Union Investment, who is of course a shareholder in Mercedes, has come forward and demands an immediate departure from Formula One: “Mercedes' participation in Formula One does not bring any higher sales of their cars. In these times, we can ask ourselves once again why they insist at all, because it is simply not economical. ”Mercedes invests hundreds of millions in Formula One, but there are no results, but at least there were none, if we subtract the last few, to which Munders he says, "like a drop on a hot stone."

So it will be interesting for Mercedes, and a lot will depend on the indictment that will follow on Thursday, but Mercedes sports boss Toto Wolff says: "We didn't prepare much, we don't claim that there will be an acquittal, because we are counting on some accusation . In any case, we are convinced that we have not done anything wrong. We have the documentation ready, and then we will see what will happen. "

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