Introduction of penalty points for dangerous drivers

Author of the article: , published March 28, 2013.


The start of a new racing season is getting closer. This will also bring about changes in the rules in all three competition classes. A new system for punishing aggressive and (too) dangerous racers will be introduced.



In order to prevent aggression on the track, the leading men of the motorcycle caravan have decided to introduce penalty points in the coming season. Many a racer, of course, has concerns, as he will have to be much more careful and even more careful in the race than he is now. The number of penalty points will be awarded to the racer in accordance with the offense he has committed and the danger thereof. The smallest offense will be recorded with 1 penalty point, and the worst with as many as 10. In case the racer collects 10 points, the latter will be banned from racing in the next race, and the counting of points will start again.

-4 penalty points - last starting place in the next race
-7 penalty points - start from the garage in the next race
-10 penalty points - ban on driving in the next race

The novelty in question worries many fans and enthusiasts, as they fear that the races will become uninteresting and boring. The leading man of Yamaha’s Tech 3 team said he does not believe the new rules will affect the way he drives, the measure is only expected to affect emergencies.

You will be able to find out other novelties this year in the Sunday show Krog za heating, which starts on Channel A on Sunday at 21.55 pm.

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