Tragedy on GHD Verzegnis

Author of the article: , published on May 27, 2013.


After the end of the mountain speed race in Verzegnis, Italy, a tragic accident occurred in which Hanspeter Laber lost his life. The 53-year-old Austrian finished the race in 44th place with his Ford Escort, and tragedy struck as a convoy of XNUMX race cars accompanied by police returned to the valley.

For an unknown reason, he drove into a protective fence in the right turn, which broke through the windshield and fatally damaged it. The circumstances of the accident are bizarre, as the accident happened at a speed of around 30km / h. The first data of the investigation into the causes of the accident will be known today, and it is rumored that alcohol could be the cause of the tragedy.

Hanspeter Laber, a watchmaker and goldsmith by profession, began his sporting career in 1983 with a Fiat 131 and celebrated many successes in his thirty years of racing. With their Ford Escort Cosworth, they were also frequent guests at Slovenian races.


Hanspeter Laber

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