Toto Wolff sold shares in HWA

Author of the article: , published on May 19, 2015.

Mercedes moto sports boss Toto Wolff has sold shares in HWA, which is developing DTM series race cars for the German carmaker. Wolff's share is not so negligible, as he has owned as much as 2006% of the company since 49, in which he has been on the board since 2013. No ja Toto sold only 12% of the shares to Hans Wener Aufrecht - co-founder of HWA AG.

Aufrecht now owns 40% of the company's shares. According to the HWA, the purchase value per share was € 18. HWA CEO Ulrich Fritz said he was pleased that Aufrecht now owned 40% of the shares: “He founded the company, which is now Mercedes-AMG GmbH and then HWA AG in 1998. We are therefore pleased to remain closely connected with us. This is a very good sign for the company and the future of the company. ”

Photos: Mercedes

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