Tomaž: "Sundays reserved for F1"

Author of the article: , published January 10, 2023.

I'm Tomaž, a motorcycle sports enthusiast for 20 years. The love for motor sports was born with Formula 1. The speed and sound of racing cars completely enchanted me as a little boy. I remember the first race I watched on TV - Imola 2003 and the victory of Michael Schumacher in Ferrari in front of full stands of "Tifos". Scenes that made me start crossing my fingers for the team from Maranello. From then on, Sundays were reserved for Formula 1.

Tomaž Strgaršek

Later, after the race, I picked up a notebook and pen several times and summarized the race weekend in my own words. This is how the love of news writing was born. I loved looking for motorsport magazines in shops and kiosks to get as much information as possible from the world of motorsport. So, soon after that, I also started following MotoGP.

In the teenage years, when the will to write articles and news dried up a bit, this childhood hobby was pushed to the sidelines. But it didn't stay that way for long. I always wanted to be able to share these things with others. In 2016, I joined the Svet-hitrosti portal. This gave me the opportunity to revive my old hobby. In addition to my regular job, this is a way for me to relax, and it's definitely something I've wanted to do since I was a little kid.

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