TODT: The dominance of MERCEDES is greater than that of FERRARI

Author of the article: , published on December 27, 2020.

With this year’s success, it has Lewis Hamilton equated with Michael Schumacher in the number of championship titles, both of which won seven each.

Za Jean Todt, President FIA, but that 's not the only reason he takes off his hat in front of Hamilton. “I was very excited, but I didn’t wait until 2020. He has already become a seven-time world champion. So I was excited at least six more times. Of course, I am also impressed with the form of the team, with its continuity."

Lewis Hamilton won seventh title this year and tied for Michael Schumacher. Jeand Todt, the president of the FIA, is impressed with the success of the Briton, but points out that no racer could dominate without the right environment.

Because in this sport no racer he could not achieve anything without the right environment. In Mercedes is “the best example of great team spirit and teamwork. I have to pay tribute to Lewis, too. Every time he talks about success, he talks about the team behind it. I'm very excited and of course that explains why the records fell," so Dead. Of course, comparisons with Schumacher's successful flights at Ferrari at the beginning of this millennium, where he also worked as a team leader Dead. And the Frenchman says: "We’re talking about different people, different spices. The only thing we can really compare is these seven titles. Leaving that aside, we have, on the one hand, a very structured, organized German team with a particularly talented racer,”Analyzes Dead.

As for comparing the periods of the two seven-time world champions, however, Todt argues that Mercedes ’dominance today is much greater than was the case with Ferrari at the turn of the millennium.

"And on the other hand, we have an Italian team with a different mentality, with a different approach, which became a well-structured and organized team and also had a great racer - Michael Schumacher. However, I would say that the rule and dominance of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton is greater than the one we had with Ferrari and Michael at the time. And the car is very reliable, definitely more reliable than the then Ferrari,He added French. And consistency Hamilton in the last two seasons is the best proof. For except for the second race in Bahrainwhich is Lewis missed due to coronavirus, has finished all races among points winners in the last two years. “This is remarkable and shows that the racer does not make mistakes. It’s just that combination again."                                     

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